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Bridge Windscreens has a policy of ‘Repair First’, where our first option if at all possible is to repair your windscreen rather than replace it. However, this is not always possible for varying reasons.

Windscreen Crack
Windscreen Crack

Most vehicle owners have comprehensive insurance cover on their vehicle and use this to cover the cost of a windscreen replacement, particularly given the complexity of modern glass and its considerable expense.

Making an insurance claim can be one task that you may find a little daunting. Bridge Windscreens can help take a lot of the stress and difficulty out of this process.

In conjunction with O’Brien, we can in a lot of cases lodge the claim for you. All we need is some information from you and we will do this task for you, or at least advise you in the process. Often, within a few hours we can confirm your claim has been accepted.

Please find a claim form on our Contact Us Page that you can fill out to assist us in the making of your claim.

If you do not have insurance cover, then Bridge Windscreens can provide you with a competitive quote.

Front and Rear windscreens are an integral part of the motor vehicle, both being a major strength factor of the roof through being bonded to the vehicle with a urethane sealant.

It is very important that the replacement of any windscreen is performed correctly as incorrect fitting will greatly impact on the occupants of the vehicle in an accident.

At Bridge Windscreens, our technicians are trained thoroughly  and continually to ensure a professional glass fitment occurs.  As windscreens become more complex, our workshops and vans have all the latest and up to date tools and equipment and access to a worldwide database of technical knowledge on all motor vehicles at our disposal.

Please find a  form on our Contact Us Page that  can be filled out to assist you in the making of your claim.