We stock a wide range of vehicle products such as:

  • Wiper Blades and Assemblies
  • Paint Protection Films and Protectants
  • Vehicle Restoration Parts
  • Sealants and Urethanes
  • Glass surface preparations
  • Headlight Restoration and Protection

Wiper Blades and Assemblies

Purchase any wiper blades and assemblies from us and the parts will be fitted to your vehicle ‘FREE’.

Paint Protection Films and Protectants

Tired of stone chips and scratches on your paintwork? Bridge Windscreens can install a clear film to all panels of your vehicle that can be ‘self healing’. Small scratches disappear with just a little bit of heat.

If you are looking for protection from everyday grime and pollutants, then you may like to consider our paint protection solutions.

Vehicle Restoration Parts

Our services include restoring classic or vintage motor vehicles by installing rubber seals and new glass. We can supply only or supply and fit these parts.

Sealants and Urethanes

Sealants are used mostly on early model motor vehicles that had glass retained in the vehicle by a rubber seal. These sealants included butyl mastic and silicones.

Later model vehicles used predominately urethane sealants for sealing glass to the body, which is often referred to as ‘direct glazing’.

All these sealant types can be purchased from us.

Glass surface preparations

Sometimes those rainy days and icy nights can be a pain. When rain does not wash away with your wipers or ice prevents you from seeing out of the windows, then it is time to purchase our water repellent solution or ‘de-icer’ products.

Headlight Restoration and Protection

Modern vehicle headlights are constructed from acrylic and can become very milky or hazy from ultra violet light degradation. We can restore your headlights to crystal clear again and also apply a film afterwards to prevent the same thing happening again.