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A broken rear window on your vehicle is devastating and leaves you vulnerable to weather damage and theft.

Get it fixed fast

Bridge Windscreens understands the need to have new glass fitted quickly and correctly. We are able to install most new rear windows within 24 hours.

Our efficient staff will also assist with your insurance claim, making the whole experience simply and easy.

We will ensure that all broken glass is completely removed from your vehicle, including the boot, tailgate, trims and behind the seats.

Bridge Windscreens specializes in canopy windows from ARB, TJM, Snugfit and Flexiglass.

How much do rear window repairs cost?

The cost to replace a rear window replacement varies depending on make and model of the vehicle.

If you have car insurance, you may be covered fully for the rear window replacement cost.

If you do not have insurance cover or an excess applies, we can provide you with a competitive quote.

Complete Rear Window Restoration

As part of your rear window replacement, we will also replace any existing tint film, including it in the insurance claim.

Applying tint film to your rear window will help to hold broken glass together, keeping occupants safer and eliminating the problem of shattered glass all over your car.

Tint film will also reduce heat and glare. If you are getting your window repaired, ask our team for a no-obligation quote.

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