Solar Film for car, home and office


Bridge Windscreens have been installing solar film, safety films and decorative films in building windows and solar films into motor vehicle windows since 1988, serving Murray Bridge, the Murraylands and surrounding districts.                              

We provide the very best advice, giving you a top quality finished product.

Heat Reducing Solar Films

When applied to glass in motor vehicles and on buildings, solar films provide remarkable heat, UV light and glare reduction. These features create a much more comfortable environment for you and the occupants of your car, home or office.
Solar films reduce your reliance on air conditioning to provide climate control, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.

Solar film for cars

Each state and territory has its own Government regulations that apply to solar films fitted to motor vehicles. We provide the right advice, ensuring that your window tinting meets all road safety requirements.

Make driving a pleasure! Solar films reduce the harmful UV light that causes sunburn and fades your car’s interior. This strong film will hold its good looks for years.

Plus, you can enjoy the additional privacy that solar window film provides – protecting your valuables inside the car.

Solar film will even help hold broken glass together – increasing the safety of your car’s occupants.

Solar film for homes and offices

The glass in your home is often the greatest source of heat, as it is a very poor insulator.

Applying a solar film will reduce the sun’s heat before it enters your building ‘at the glass’ and can achieve up to 79% heat reduction in your home or business.

Enjoy reduced energy costs and the bonus of added privacy – solar film lets you retain your view without having to close curtains or shutters.Modern House Windows


Safety and Security Films

Forming an almost impenetrable layer on the surface of the glass, security film is much thicker than traditional solar films.

Designed for safety in the home or security in commercial premises, these films laminate glass for greater peace of mind.

Choose from clear or tinted to protect your home or business.

Decorative Films

Customise your windows to give that personal touch or expose your creative flair. Decorative films convey a message or simply act to improve your privacy.

Great for home, offices and restaurants, the possibilities are endless! Tint4U will work with you to create your dream design.


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